38-Year-Old-Bankrupt in Canada (With Ruined Credit) Builds 680+ Credit Score With 5 Proven Steps.

Discover How YOU Can Have Good Credit
in 12 Months or LESS!!

From: Joe Malek

Joe Malek

Dear Friend,

I want you to meet Fred…

He is an ordinary 38 year old guy. Fred lives in Toronto area with his wife, 3 kids and 2 dogs….

You know... He is your typical hard working family man.

But there is one thing that really sets him apart from the ‘average’ 38-year old… or even the average 50 year old for that matter:

Fred had to declare bankruptcy less than 3 years ago and thanks to the information found at this website...

...he was able to buy his new $700,000 dollar home with little down payment at the best rates on the market.

He figured out that it is far easier to follow proven credit building strategies then trying to do it his way.

Pretty Impressive For A Recent Bankrupt, Right?

Fred had no formal training… and no idea this will actually work.

Last time I checked our schools did not give anyone the skills they needed to build a perfect credit rating.

But despite the lack of experience, Fred was able to re-establish his credit rating in less than 12 months from his bankruptcy discharge simply by following these five simple and proven steps.

He thought his credit would be destroyed for at least 7 years and he would not be able to buy a bigger home for his family anytime soon.

You may be thinking “There is no way!”… “Heck I’ve been discharged from my bankruptcy longer than 3 years and my credit is still in bad shape”...

… This can’t be possible!

But let me ask you this:

If You Could Get Your Credit Back In Less Than 12 Months Starting With $75.00 Bucks.

(That’s Less Than Your Monthly Utility Bill)…
Would You Do It?

And if you could successfully re-establish your credit plus get your deposit back and then purchase your new home shortly after with little down at the best rates...

Would you share your experience with others?

The fact is, I have been successfully teaching regular people from all walks of life how to re-establish their credit for over a decade now and the good news is this…

The formula that Fred used to build 680+ credit score follows the same principles that have been used by thousands of people every year...

... And based on Fred’s success I am sure I will help thousands more to have perfect credit.

Now the good news for you:

I Am Going To Teach You This Entire Formula…
And Show You How You Can Get Started Today!

Now if you are thinking “How good could this formula actually be if you are going to get me started for $75.00?”

… There’s a specific plan for you to follow!

Over the last decade thousands of people have used my system to build perfect credit reports with credit scores over 680.

(You can click here now to read more about my track record and credentials.)

I discovered that people who take action and follow my simple, step-by-step directions, and actually get started using this system, go on to tell their friends and other family members.

I am talking about people like Jana…

As A New Immigrant To Canada With No Credit Whatsoever She Built 663 Credit Score In Only Six Months!

"I immigrated to Canada back in 2002 and I found this website shortly after.

I simply followed the simple steps here and had my first credit card in about 3 weeks.

I used my new credit card for two months before I completed the other steps. I could not believe my eyes when I saw my credit report.

My credit score was 663 after only 6 months... and that’s why I highly recommend you follow these steps to success.”
Jana M.
Ontario, Canada

These steps include:

Step #1

Choosing A Proven Credit Building Method!
(This is very important)

The secret to success after bankruptcy is not applying for credit card or loan at your bank or finance company.

If you want to succeed… start only with secured credit cards that I recommend below.

… It will SAVE you years of valuable time and potentially save thousands of dollars in future mortgage or car payments.

A secured credit card is a product where the security deposit you provide is equal to the credit limit of your credit card.

Your deposit is held in an interest bearing account with interest paid to you.

You get to set your own credit limit because your credit limit is equal to your security deposit.

The maximum credit limit or deposit can be as much as $10,000 but that’s not what I want you to deposit.

With secured credit card you will…


Rent a car

Make purchases over the phone or internet

Reserve a hotel room or book your next vacation

But most importantly, with a secured credit card you’ll start establishing your credit payment history and build a credit score.

Before you proceed to step two, you must pay off outstanding collections or other derogatory items on your credit report.

You can request your FREE CREDIT REPORT simply by contacting Equifax Canada at 1-800-465-7166 or Trans Union at 1-800-508-2597.

Once you’ve got your free credit report, and you paid off all derogatory items then you can move onto step two.

If you are certain you do not have derogatory items on your credit report then you can proceed with step two right now.

Step #2

Start With Guaranteed Master Card
Security funds as low as $75 or $300 – this is determined after you’re approved

(It Takes Less Than 5 Minutes To Get Started)

Capital One Guaranteed Secured MasterCard® is a great way to build your credit history and start enjoying the benefits of a credit card.

Rent a car, reserve a hotel room, and buy things online. It's all possible when you have a Capital One Guaranteed Secured MasterCard®.

Whether you're applying for your first credit card, are new to Canada or have filed for bankruptcy.

The Capital One Guaranteed Secured MasterCard® gives you guaranteed approval and the opportunity to establish or re-establish your credit history – just make sure to pay your bills on time.

To qualify for the guaranteed status, you must:


Be at least the age of majority in your province of residence;


Not have an existing Capital One account, not have applied for a Capital One account within the last 65 business days or have a Capital One account that is not in good standing within the last 12 months before applying;

You’ll provide security funds, if required, by cheque or money order but please do not send post-dated cheques or cash.

Card Details:
- Purchase Rate: 19.8%
- Cash Advance: 19.8%
- Balance Transfer: 19.8%
- Annual Fees: $59.00
- Guaranteed Approval
- May help you establish or re-establish your credit history
- $0 fraud liability for unauthorized use

Click here to complete step #2.

Step #3

The Secret Power of Two Secured Credit Cards!

(You Should Complete This Step In ...
... The Next 30 Days)

So in Step #2 you got started with a security deposit as low as $75 and you now have your first secured credit card from Capital One.

Now make sure you use it

… Use it only for purchases you would have to make anyway, like gas purchases for your vehicle and then make sure you pay balance on time and in full.

Now I want you to take $500.00 and apply for your second secured credit card.

There is a secret power of two credit cards being reported to your credit report.

(If you don’t complete this step then you will not see your credit score going up as fast).

Here is your best chance to get the credit you deserve.

Build or re-build your credit, even if you've had credit difficulties in the past, or have never had a credit card before! An excellent opportunity to establish your credit rating.

The Home Trust Secured Visa Card is a credit card that requires a security deposit for eligibility. Your credit limit is then set at the amount of the deposit. You can put down as little as $500, or as much as $10,000

The application process is very simple and almost everybody is approved! Of course, if your application is not approved, your security deposit will be immediately returned to you.

Click here to read more and to print the secured visa application...


Step #4

After about 2 months you'll apply for your last secured credit card.

You'll take another $500.00 and apply for your third secured credit card which is also available if you reside in Quebec.

The Peoples Trust Secured MasterCard® allows virtually all Canadian residents to have a credit card.

Specifically, it is geared to those people who do not qualify for traditional unsecured credit cards due to financial difficulties in the past or lack of a credit history.

This may include:

  • Students

  • New Immigrants

  • Discharged Bankrupts

  • People who have had credit problems in the past

The Peoples Trust Secured Credit Card has several benefits over a debit card.

Not only can you secure a car rental or make hotel reservations over the phone or via the internet but at the same time with proper use and repayment you can establish or repair your credit profile.

Your credit limit is set by the amount of your deposit (minimum $500), which acts as a security deposit and earns interest.

You are then able to use your card up to this limit, and have the same benefits as other credit card users.

Even if you have no credit, or your credit history is less than perfect, you have an excellent chance of being approved for a Peoples Trust Secured MasterCard.

General guidelines are as follows:

  • Must have a verifiable permanent Canadian home address

  • Must be of legal age in the province in which you reside

  • Must have a valid Social Insurance Number

  • Must be discharged from bankruptcy

  • Must have a verifiable source of income

Another reason why you need another secured credit cards is because some banks require you to have up to 3 active creditor accounts open for a minimum of one year before granting a loan approval.

Click here to complete step #4

Step #5

Monitor Your Equifax Credit Report & Credit Score Every Three Months!

(And Stop Applying For Further Credit)

Once you have all three secured credit cards then you’ll need to use them.

Pay outstanding balances on time in full but also monitor your credit report every three months.

You’ll need to make sure that information on your credit report is accurate and all incorrect information has been either removed or updated.

By checking your own credit report you are making a consumer inquiry to your credit report and therefore you are not penalized.

You will not be losing any credit score points by performing your own inquiry.

so you don’t forget to come back to this page every three months for updates and then click here to complete step #4 to monitor your credit report.

Claim Your 1st Secured Credit Card with Security funds as low as $75 or $300 – this is determined after you’re approved!!

So now is time to decide…

Will you be the next person who gets the Guaranteed Secured MasterCard® with Low Deposit and start building your better credit rating today…

…Or, will you wait and miss out? And be kicking yourself in 6 months from now, as you struggle to make it your own way?

Capital One Card

Remember, there’s absolutely NO RISK in getting started right now.

You most likely already have less than perfect credit rating otherwise you would not get this far down this page.

You cannot make it any worse by applying for Guaranteed Secured MasterCard® which was designed to help you!

If you don’t have the cash today don’t worry… simply click here to complete your online request on the next page and you’ll mail them your deposit next week… It’s that simple.

I hope you’ll email me with YOUR life-changing experience and add your testimonial to my website a year from now.

All the best,


Joe Malek

P.S. Feel free to visit my mortgage website where you can apply for your next home purchase, mortgage refinancing, second mortgage or home equity line of credit for debt consolidation whenever you are ready.


Click Here To Apply For Your
First Secured Credit Card!


Hi Joe,

If you use this letter in anyway please do not use my name. You web site turned the light on for me and lead me into the right direction, this all started a year and half ago. At the time I had a score of 588 or so, nothing to brag about. With just $1000.00 in with a Home Trust Visa card and $500.00 with a Peoples Trust MasterCard, my credit clean up journey began. At first I used the cards just with Transunion and Equifax monthly fee to monitor my credit reports, then I began using them for ebay and other online purchasing.

While I was doing this to record activity and to demonstrate the ability to pay them off, my credit score began to creep up slowly. My goal was to purchase a house. I was finally making good money with a very steady job and my expenses were low in a very high cost of living part of the country. Yellowknife costs of living is about the same as Fort Macmurray too live in today. With my credit score climbing I had certain items from the past to clear up. That part had to be as stressful if not more than just buying a house.
One account on my file was just old paid entry that had to be removed, that was no problem. Just a couple of hours of calling the right people and it was done in two or so days. The second issue was far more intense then that. I had a lease to own item on my file which showed that I had owed the company (which still exists today) $19,000.00.

Completely wrong. I spent two weeks calling this company, which equaled to approximately hundred phone calls, each call was at least fifteen minutes. Every-time, the CSR person I would talk too would get aggressive and rude after reviewing the file and simply say "You owe us money" , I would remind them that I was the one calling them, under no real effort of contacting me, but I always got the rudely hung up on. I literally felt like I was the one chasing the school yard bully that wanted to fight. Made no sense.

Eventually I obviously became a pain and at times I was transferred to different departments, even spoke with the head of the legal department who looked into things and delivered an entirely different yet positive story. In the end , the appropriate department head called me with true facts on my file. The vehicle that I surrendered (or repossessed in their eyes) due my inability to make payments was resold to cover their loses at price that left them $6000.00 at a loss. Not $19,000.00!

While I was prepared to make the full payment to clear the account, this person quickly asked if I could afford to pay $3000.00 over a year so that they could close this account. Personally, my level of trust to their record keeping was not that great. I repeated again that I could pay the $6000.00 on the spot. Getting the hint when she mention the $3000.00 a few more times I made arrangements for this account to paid within two business days with a letter clearing from me from this account.

Within a week my credit report from both reporting agencies showed that the file cleared, but it was still there. Finally after that my wife and I had our mortgage approved with 10% down on a mobile home on titled land (5500 square foot lot). This was during the recession when rates where low and we still got in on a closed 5.85 % five year term. We were probably paying a little more than normal, but we had a grade A mortgage from TD Canada Trust (fico score was 650ish).

My credit cleanup did not end here, as I am sure others would have! Seeing as I had house with a mortgage with my name on it, I felt that I was credit worthy once again in the lenders eyes. Not so. That $19,000.00 file was still there with a little word beside it saying "Cleared". I discovered all these facts while I was in the market for a new truck. While looking for financing I got a lot no`s and a lot of "Can your wife co-sign?" Maybe the co-signer was good for someone else but not myself.

After-all, I had a full time job making 85-95k with overtime, I just bought a house, my debts were cleared and I still had money in the bank! Finally someone saw the light and a dealer managed to negotiate a loan with GMAC on a new 2010 Jeep Rubicon, in my name...only. Do you think that I stopped here.....no. My credit files were not clear of that magic 19 number. So I became a pain in the ass once again, both with Equifax and the Lender. This did explode in my face at one point because Equifax called the same customer service that I had a hundred times in the past only to get the same un-updated story that I did three months prior.

Invigorated and determined, I began once again to have things properly updated. This time I had names with personal phone numbers and even more importantly a letter with a copy of money order that cleared the account. Three months passed and the file has been completely removed from my file. To add more success to this story, life added more options to take advantage of. I won a bid to move from Yellowknife to Whitehorse for my job.

Better quality of life in my eyes and overall just a better place to call home. So after just buying our house in Yellowknife in August 2009 for $145k, we sold our house with no changes or upgrades for $165k this past May on a private sale. To make matters even better, I was pre-approved for $420k on VRM of 1.75%, by myself. Fico score 715. As the road gets better we bought a house on a lake, with gorgeous mountain views just thirty minutes from town for $375k. Our penalty for canceling our mortgage was minimal at maybe $1500, seems like 5.85% was not so bad after all with the rates increasing they way they did.

With 5% down with another five year closed mortgage at 3.79%, we are living in our dream home! I was never a bad person, just a honest hardworking guy with bad luck as far as jobs and the money flow. Five years ago, I decided that all the "merry go round" bullshit stops. Work, paying rent, driving nothing or a piece of junk, and stopping the revolving relationship door.

I was working for a company that was good a promising empty apprenticeships and horrible pay, but I had no choice with no work in my field of expertise. I finally made a lot of life changes that worked out for the better. I stopped waiting for that great job to come knocking at my door. I went out and found it, mind you I had to leave Ontario and move too Yellowknife (paid move) to get that full time good paying job with three weeks paid vacation (it came with a vacation allowance) and the Northern Living Tax Credit helps to.

Minus 45 in the dead of winter is a good thing when your bank account is healthy! I got travel the western Arctic on the companies dime just for work, how many people can truly say that have seen Canada`s third coast? I have numerous of times. This job came with a lot paid training, my professional profile is at least ten years ahead of any of my colleagues that began my career with in Ontario. Before I took this job, I just started dating my wife. Within one month the interviews began, and the paid tour to Yellowknife came and went, she gave me her support, I accepted the job and we maintained our relationship. A year after taking the job we got married and she joined me in Yellowknife to enjoy some of the economic prosperity. So Joe, I heard a good line in movie recently. A twenty something kid asks his Dad about when one becomes a man.

The Father replies with, " You become a man when your lying in bed looking at the water stains on the ceiling and you realize that you only have yourself to blame for being there... not the world. Here I am now, when I go to bed, I look out my window at the midnight sun setting over the mountain side and my ceiling is panabode log ( our house was relocated gold mine near Dawson City).

I am proud enough of a man to blame myself for not accepting what the financial world thought I was in their own eyes, not too let someone who is paid a third (at the most) of what I make, talk down to me making me feel as I am nothing in this financial cold world ( I am convinced that the abuse and attitude they dish out is a highlight of their day) and never taking no as a final answer!
Anything with hard work, stubbornness, openness to crazy options, and respect for yourself will help anyone get rid of the water stains on the ceiling when they go to bed.

Joe, all you did was have a web site, included some advice for credit rebuilding with secure credit cards and high ratio loans.

At first I was skeptical, then I tried it out with just $1500.00 total on two credit cards. I figured out when my credit file was updated monthly and got into the routine of making two payments on the cards to increase my fico score a little quicker.

Whether you knew it or not, well now you do, your free advice was life changing for me. Thank you!

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